Here below you find a selection of our Menu.

Beside International we serve Balinese and Vegetarian dishes

V indicates Vegetarian, B indicates Balinese

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Lunch menu

Falafel (V)

Home made falafel comes with mixed lettuce, tomato, cucumber wrapped in tortilla and

finished with curry aioli

Red Bean Quinoa Salad (V)

Organic whole grain with roast beetroot, carrot, walnut, cucumber, Feta cheese,

tomato and finished with red vinaigrette

Pasta salad (V)

Fusilli pasta, tomato, olive, tuna chunk, Parmesan cheese finished with ceasar dressing


Club Sandwich

Slices of bread with lettuce, country ham, chicken ham, tomato, cheese and

boiled egg, served with French fries

Club Sandwich Vegetarian (V)

Slices of bread with lettuce, cheese, tomato and boiled egg,served with French fries

Sandwich Home Smoked Salmon

Slice brown bread with cream cheese, cucumber, tomato and home smoked salmon, served

with French fries


Bun with home made hamburger  with cheese, tomato, onions and lettuce

served with French fries

Watercress sandwich

fresh watercress, avocado served with sourdough bread and served with french fries

Chorizo & Manchego Cheese Ciabatta

Ciabatta bread topped with chorizo and manchego cheese in the oven


Tortilla wrap with grilled chicken  in shoarma spices, baby greens, tomato,

cucumber and yoghurt dressing

(V) indicates Vegetarian


Lumpia (V)

Spring roll stuffed with bamboo shoot and mixed vegetables with sweet and sour sauce

Spinach Feta roll (V)

Spring roll pastry stuffed with spinach, Feta cheese, chopped mix herbs and served with

chili and tamarind sauce

Tuna Tartar

Chopped fresh Tuna with soya sauce, ginger, jelapeno and tomato

Prawn, Salmon and Mussel Ravioli

Home made ravioli pasta stuffed with salmon, prawn and mussel, chopped parsley, basil,

with pumpkin puree topped with tomato sauce and Parmesan cheese

Crab Cake Popper

Crab meat from Alaska, mayonaise, apple, chives deep fried in bread crumb

served with tartar sauce and crispy Quinoa

Smoked Salmon

Smoked salmon served on blinis with cream cheese

Gambas al Ajillo

served with French baquetteA classic Spanish dish includes ten sizzling gambas in olive oil

and garlic

Roasted Garlic Bulb  (V)

A whole garlic bulb roasted in the oven with olive oil and served

with a slice sour dough bread

Crispy Tuile with Foie Gras

Stuffed tuile with foie gras mousse served with palm sugar, tamarind puree and chopped fresh fruit

Goat cheese Souffle  (V)

comes with orange marmelade, beetroot and topped with salad and parmigiano cream


Beetroot salad (V)

Beetroot with Feta cheese mousse, caramelized hazelnut and beetroot caviar

Salad Tomato-Mozzarella (V)

Soft fresh Mozarella from Sidemen, tomato, chopped basil leaves and  balsamic reduction

Goat Cheese Salade (V)

Grilled slice goat cheese with honey, beetroot, grapes, apple, walnut,

goat cheese mousse, mixed greens and finished with a Champagne vinager  dressing

Strawberry Salad with Halloumi cheese  (V)

A salad of strawberries and grilled Halloumi cheese based on crispy basil and mint leaves,

served with a balsamic dressing

SOUP  (fresh home made) (V)

Tomato cream soup

(V) indicates Vegetarian


                                FROM THE OCEAN


Pan fried on the skin served with asparagus and topped with lemon grass relish

and finished with red bell pepper puree

King Prawns

Three King prawns (+/- 325 gram) from the oven served on garlic

Tuna Steak

Pan fried tuna steak, comes with butter lemon sauce

Lobster Thermidor

Creamy lobster meat with mushroom, white wine, cream, mustard and cheese

Barramundi Filet

Pan fried Barramundi filet with curried mussel broth topped with tomato, chorizo and

sundried tomato

Seafood with Bouillabaisse sauce

Chef's selection of prawns, scallope,  green mussels, gindara fish, seafood tortellini,

seafood croquette and this all finished with a home made bouillabaisse sauce

                                FROM THE LAND

Mushroom / Beef Pot Pie

A home made imported beef pie with mushrooms in the pot served with mashed potatoes

Lamb rack

Served with spinach, asparagus, mushroom, lamb rendang and bitterballen,

finished with lamb jus and mint jelly

Tenderloin Steak   (200 gram)

In butter pan fried or from the grill a juicy imported tenderloin beef with:  

garlic -, butter-, honey-mustard-, mushroom-, peppersauce or  flambee in brandy

Beef Wagyu  MB 5-6 (200 gram)

Imported Beef  Wagyu tenderloin in green peppercorn sauce, served with

glazed vegetables


Five Spices Duck Breast

Marinated duck breast with reduction of honey, orange and five spices, comes with

duck leg confit and wrapped in wonton skin  with green bean

Chicken Pot Pie

A home made chicken pie in the pot served with mashed potatoes

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Chicken breast stuffed with cheese and ham covered with a mushroom sauce


Comes with mashed potatoesPigeon breast, glazed pigeon leg, pigeon croquette,

beetroot puree and pigeon jus.


Honey Glazed Duck Leg

Crispy duck leg glazed with honey on orange sauce

All main dishes comes with vegetables and rice, french fries or pan fried potatoes 

(Mushroom/Beef Pot Pie comes with mashed potatoes)



Cyprus Halloumi cheese wrapped in puff pastry with a home made

ginger compote accompanied with a fresh green salad

Canneloni Vincents style

Home made canneloni pasta stuffed with chopped courgettes, spinach,

Ricotta cheese and topped with tomato sauce and grated Parmesan

Tempe Ratatouille

Deep fried tempe, topped with vegetable ratatouille and Mozarella

cheese, tomato sauce and comes with vegetable croquettes

Asparagus and Mushroom -  Brie Tart

Creamy asparagus and mushroom served in crispy tart and topped

with Brie cheese

Stuffed Aubergine

Aubergine stuffed with curried vegetables, crispy quinoa and pumpkin puree

Crispy Tofu

Deep fried marinated breaded tofu served with peanut sauce and

sweet and sour cucumber on top

Potatoe Gnocchi

Gnocchi pasta with mornay sauce, asparagus, baby carrot, puff

pastry triangle and Parmesan cheese

Mushroom Wellington

Mixed mushrooms with cream cheese wrapped in puff pastry served

with mash sweet potatoes and creamy mushroom sauce

Balinese specialities

Ikan Panggang sambal matah

Grilled fillet of fish with fresh Balinese sambal matah (chopped shallot,

chilli, lemon grass, shrimp paste) with vegetable kalas

Cah Be Sampi

Stir fried slices of beef served with bell pepper, mushroom, pineapple, crushed black pepper and

oyster sauce

Ikan Pepes

Dori fish mixed with Balinese spices, mushroom, tomato, coconut milk

wrapped in banana leaf from the grill, comes with vegetable kalas

Be Siap bumbu Bali

Pan fried chicken leg confit with Balinese spices (chopped shallot, garlic,

chili, shrimp paste), comes with vegetable kalas

Seafood Mimpang

Prawn, Scallop, Squid and Gendara fillet served on Balinese sauce and vegtetable kalas

Seafood Curry

Spicy curry with seafood (prawn, fish and calamari), coconut milk and vegetables

Mie Goreng Special

Fried noodles with seafood, chicken or vegetarian, sate and peanut sauce

Babi Kecap

Stir fried pork with chili, carrot and soya bean-ginger sauce

Ayam Kalas

Poached chicken leg confit with Balinese spices and coconut milk with vegetable kalas

Udang Pelalah

Stir fried prawns with spicy Balinese pelalah spices, comes with vegetable kalas

*V indicates Vegetarian


Vincent's Cake

A home made chocolate cake topped with chocolate ganache and

whipped cream

Chocolate Piece de Resistance

Home made chocolate tower cone, filled with chocolate mousse,

garnished with fresh strawberry, orange meat and strawberry couli

White Chocolate Mousse Cilinder

Home made chocolate cilinder filled with white chocolate mousse,

topped with whipped cream and finished with vanilla ice cream

Petit Grand Dessert

Four kind of chef's selection of our dessert menu

Crème Brulee

Vanilla custard pudding with caramelized sugar on top

We call it Banana

Banana curd, banana brulee, banana powder, olive oil cake together

with banana ice cream

Coconut Texture (a tropical surprise)

Coconut and white chocolate bar, coconut crumble, coconut truffle

and finished with coconut sorbet, all home made

Vincent’s Trio Sorbet

Raspberry sorbet, lime/yoghurt sorbet and passion fruit sorbet served

on chocolate crumble and finished with a white bonbon

Flower Pot Tiramisu

Tiramisu served in a flower pot, served with chocolate

truffle and coffee and Amaretto icecreamItalian classic

Home made Ice cream: Vanilla,  Coconut, Bali Coffee, Dragon Fruit, Blueberry and Chocolate