Main courses

meat, poultry & fish


Salmon                                                                                                                                            165

Pan fried salmon on the skin served with asparagus and topped with lemon grass relish , finished with red bell pepper puree

King Prawns                                                                                                              195

Three king prawns (+/- 325 gram) from the oven served on garlic sauce

Quail                                                                                                                         145

Confit quail leg, pan fried quail breast in quail jus served with mashed potatoes

Dory fillet                                                                                                                                       160
Baked roll Dory fillet with lemon and herbs topped with crusted herbs, finished with fish fumet

Lamb Shank                                                                                                              185
Slow cooked lamb shank served with green peas, mashed potatoes and lamb sauce

Beef Bourgignon                                                                                                        180

Beef stew in red wine, brown stock, carrot and served with baby potatoes

Tenderloin Steak (200 gram)                                                                                       190

In butter pan fried or from the grill, a juicy imported tenderloin beef with:

garlic-, butter-, honey-mustard-, mushroom-, pepper sauce or flambee in brandy

Chicken Pot Pie                                                                                                          100

Home made chicken pie in the pot served with mashed potatoes

Wiener Schnitzel                                                                                                        120

Austrian schnitzel, made of a thin, breaded, pan fried veal cutlet

Chicken Cordon Bleu                                                                                                  100

Chicken breast stuffed with cheese and ham covered with a mushroom sauce

Five Spices Duck Breast                                                                                             160

Marinated duck breast with reduction of honey, orange and five spices, comes with

duck leg confit and wrapped in wonton skin with green bean

Main courses

Vegetarian & Balinese

                                                 BALINESE MAINDISH



Mi Goreng Special                                                                                          110

Fried noodle with chicken comes with chicken satay with peanut sauce,

topped with fried egg, acar and krupuk

Ikan Panggang sambal matah                                                                          80

Grilled fillet of fish with fresh Balinese sambal matah (chopped shallot,

vegetable kalas,chilli, lemon grass, shrimp paste) with vegetable kalas

Cah Be Sampi                                                                                                90

Stir fried slices of beef served with bell pepper, mushroom, pineapple,          

crushed black pepper and oyster sauce

Seafood Curry                                                                                               135

Spicy curry with seafood (prawn, fish and calamari), coconut milk

and vegetables 

Ayam Kalas                                                                                                    85

Poached chicken leg confit with Balinese spices and coconut milk

with vegetable kalas

Udang Pelalah                                                                                                90

Stir fried prawns with spicy Balinese pelalah spices, comes with

vegetable kalas

                                               VEGETARIAN MAINDISH

Halloumi                                                                                                                    115

Halloumi cheese wrapped in puff pastry with a home made ginger compote

accompanied with a fresh green salad                                  

Tempe Ratatouille                                                                                                       95

Deep fried tempe, topped with vegetable ratatouille and Mozarella, tomato sauce and

comes with vegetable croquette

Deep Fried Camembert Cheese                                                                                    110

Come with cranberry sauce accompanied with apple, walnut salad

Mushroom Wellington                                                                                                 90
Mix mushroom with cream cheese wrapped in puff pastry served with
sweet mash potatoes and creamy mushroom sauce

Aubergine                                                                                                                  90

Baked Aubergine roll in fillo pastry with pumpkin veloute, mushroom and Feta cheese                  

Tofu and Tempeh Salad                                                                                               85   Deep fried tofu and tempeh, asparagus, sweet corn, avocado, carrot,
eggplant and tomato served with sourdough bread

Vegan Bowl                                                                                                                85   Roast eggplant cubes, baby potatoes, fried tofu, avocado, quinoa, finished with garlic             vegan aioli                                                                                                                        Sesame and Ginger Tofu                                                                                              80    

Stir fried tofu with ginger, soya sauce, sesame seed, paprika, green bean and served                with white rice                                                                                                                  Baked Eggplant                                                                                                          90        Stuffed eggplant with chick pea, carrot, mushroom, edamame, served with quinoa salad