Lumpia                                                                                                                        60

    Springroll stuffed with bamboo shoot and mixed vegetables with sweet and sour sauce

    Cheese Croquette                                                                                                                            60

    comes with beetroot, apple and watercress salad

    Pan fried Scallop                                                                                                        100

    Served on a bed of cucumber, pickled beetroot, radish and cream cheese

    Gambas al Ajillo                                                                                                          120

    A classic Spanish dish includes ten sizzling gambas in olive oil and garlic, served with French baquette

    Roasted Garlic Bulb                                                                                                     60

    A whole garlic bulb roasted in the oven with olive oil and served with home made sourdough bread

    Duck Pate                                                                                                                  135
    Duck pate, mango chutney, pickle of radish, beetroot, gerkin
    served with slices of bread

    Chicken Liver                                                                                                                                   80
    pan fried chicken liver served with caramelized apple and onion, served with potato rosti

    Salad Tomato-Mozarella                                                                                              75

    Soft fresh Mozarella, tomato, chopped basil leaves and balsamic reduction

    Goat Cheese Salad                                                                                                      110

    Grilled goat cheese with honey, grapes, apple, beetroot, walnut and goat cheese mousse

    Creamy Tomato soup or Tasty Pumpkin soup                                                                 45